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Before entering the development phase, any historical film project requires extensive documentation work.

This work took ten years. We are now able to certify the perfect accuracy of all the historical elements developed in our scenarios.

On the other hand, the writing work remains to be done concerning the few projects that you will discover. And it again takes a lot of time. So money.

What every producer lacks … And especially us, after ten years of work without any help or subsidy.

That’s why we ask you to participate in crowdfunding campaigns if you want to see these scenarios come to fruition quickly.

The first scenarios proposed are

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Historical movies


This film is the second part of: Les Vaincus

Armand Fritz failed to join the Free French Forces in Algiers. Charged with espionage and sentenced to 7 years of forced labor by the authorities of the Tambov prison camp for wanting to keep a count of the dead, he arrived at the Kangir gulag in 1953.

He is now a zaklioutchonniï, an inmate of the Gulags, one of those millions of ZEC that Stalin condemned to a slow death in his mines and construction sites, in order to restore the Soviet economy.

A few months later, on the death of Stalin, a great revolt broke out there and for more than a month the prisoners established a sort of republic there. Like the beginning of a democracy. The beginning of a hope after decades of Stalinism.

Armand meets his future wife, Lisa, there. Both will live these exceptional days where all the hopes and the craziest dreams are allowed.
Until reality catches up with the inmates and the tanks crush the revolt.

Subsequently, Lisa and Armand will be relegated to the depths of Russia.
Guillaume, who never despaired of finding his brother, will find Lisa in Khabarovsk in 1990. She will tell him how his brother could never return to France and was abandoned by his own embassy.

What has he been through for sixty-five years?
Why was he never able to return to France?

The film talks about the absurdity of wars and the ordeal of peoples subjected to dictatorships.
But also of the various betrayals from which they suffered. Unkept promises and the fate of these thousands of French people who, like Armand, have disappeared in the Russian immensity.

A universal story filmed in France and Russia.


The secrets of German rearmament

Wall Street’s Role in the Rise of Nazism and the War
The film denounces the part taken by the two major Western financial centers: The City and Wall Street, in Hitler’s seizure of power and the continuation of the war. The way the USA organized through their German industrial subsidiaries and their banking networks a veritable “sack” of Europe, exfiltrating the profits of the Nazi conquests during the conflict.
John von Klausberg, young and brilliant business lawyer, of German origin naturalized American, represents the interests of these multinationals. Falling in love with a German Jew, he will try to reveal to the public the system he helped to put in place, by writing a book under the pseudonym of Sidney Warburg.
Will they be able to uncover the truth?

Taken from a true story, a scenario in which financial cynicism plays a large part but which, through the crossed destinies of the characters: spies, henchmen, or financiers, reads like a thriller.


The Battle of France seen from behind the scenes of treason

Based on specific historical events, this fiction film invites us to follow two agents of the French intelligence services during the first fifteen days of the Battle of France. One has remained loyal to the Republic, the other is part of the plot that will open the doors of France to the troops of the Reich.

A film incorporating fictional characters, but perfectly respectful of historical facts, offering the viewer great battle scenes both on land and in the air, and a breathtaking scenario during which the mysteries fade away as they go. of action.


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