First and foremost committed as artists to our mission of illuminating the paths of the possible, our choice to produce the first films inspired by the new historical data offered by historians since the opening of the archives of the Battle of France is not innocent.

We knew from the beginning of this adventure that we would have a major role to play, because cinema and documentaries have been an essential part of our culture for more than a century. It is through these powerful media that the Great economic-political interests which decided for so long the destinies of our human societies and the fate of the planet have been able to influence the Peoples.

It was therefore obvious that to prepare access to the “world of tomorrow” we had to be on the front line in order to ensure that this major art, which has unfortunately become an instrument of propaganda at the service of the Society of “always more”, rediscovers its essential artistic vocation, so well defined by Balzac, Zola and Hugo:

To be at the service of Freedom of Expression by helping to translate the aspiration of the Peoples to a better world.


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