Projects in development from 2021

Once the script has been written, the development phase begins, during which the producer will propose it to the directors, actors and technicians, in order to form a coherent team.

Then he contacts funders and major decision-makers such as the National Film Center (CNC) and private fund investment companies dedicated to financing. (SOFICA)
These essential levers are activated according to the possible financial prospects for each project.

However, a blockbuster film, such as the ones we have decided to produce, costs tens, and sometimes hundreds of millions of Euros.

Your support for this essential phase of production is therefore essential, because the credibility of the film internationally will gain from it.

This is why we have used crowdfunding platforms.

They will allow you to provide financial support and even, if you wish, to become a co-producer.

And therefore to make your investment profitable.

Et par conséquent de rentabiliser votre investissement.

The first films in development are

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Historical movies


Part 1: Miracles on the Meuse

The first part of the film takes us behind the scenes of the “phony war” during which the Duke of Windsor provides Hitler with the French defense plans, while the German Democratic generals brief the Allied SRs on all the details of the plan. German attack as early as February 1940. We understand that everyone knew everything about everyone’s intentions long before the battle.

The second brings us to the heart of the military betrayal, in particular when on May 13, 1940, tanks and French infantrymen from the special hooded sections attacked the artillery positions and the French blockhouses from the rear in order to allow around fifty German infantrymen to to cross the Meuse, then to the bridge builders to build the bridges on which General Guderian’s first Panzers will finally be able to cross the river, the next day, May 14 at 7:20 a.m.

The third part allows us to understand that General Gamelin, Commander-in-Chief of the Allied armies understood everything about the betrayals of which he had been victims, then opens the door to those which he will still have to undergo until May 19, date of his dismissal.


Part 2: The Battle of France

Between May 14 and 19, 1940, General Gamelin tried to counter a real avalanche of betrayals ranging from the non-transmission of his orders to the Republican generals, through the false information on the real situation that was transmitted to him, until the sabotage of the counter-attacks orchestrated both by General Georges, commander-in-chief on the North-East front, and by the putschist generals on the ground.

A formal coup that President Paul Reynaud and Minister of War Edouard Daladier also tried to counter, but without success.
Following which Marshal Pétain and General Weygand, both notorious anti-republicans and occult leaders of the Military Cagoule, seized power to carry out the final details of the treason, before signing with their friend Hitler the long-awaited armistice, finally concretizing this reversal of alliance hoped for by all the partisans of a Fascist Greater Europe.

The vanquished

Two brothers separated by war


Two brothers, two Alsatians, separated by war on the beaches of Dunkirk in June 40.

Guillaume manages to embark and join General Leclerc in Algiers. There he will continue the fight against the French Forces of Vichy and their German allies.
At the same time his younger brother Armand, injured, is taken prisoner. Then he finds himself forcibly conscripted into the German army. A few months later, he escaped towards the Russian lines in the hope of being sent back to Africa and enlisting with the Free French Forces.
An odyssey to follow both in the wide open spaces of North Africa and Russia.


The secrets of German rearmament

A love story between a young Russian and a German industrialist engaged in the secret rearmament of Germany between 1922 and 1941.
Will Varanika manage to convince Thomas to engage with her against all wars, and in particular against the one that big international capital is preparing against her country?
The film tells us about the American and British financial networks that financed the secret rearmament of the Reich from 1922, then put Hitler in power in order to bring down the communist regime in Russia.

Their goal: To reopen the country to “free enterprise”, that is to say to the exploitation by multinationals of its natural resources.

A romantic fresco set in St Petersburg and the underworld cabarets of Munich, against a backdrop of political and financial investigation.

Fiction movies


Thriller: All the ingredients for a French scam

When Paul, an international crook, is imprisoned in the United States, his wife Carole leaves him, takes his hoard and disappears with their 7-year-old son.

On his return to France, Paul finds Carole who has remarried and will take revenge in her own way.
A scam story where the viewer finds himself the first victim of appearances.

A new plot developed around an original scenario where the characters surprise and constantly evolve, but it would be a shame to reveal the mechanism to you so soon…


Comedy: And if one day, a very curious man reveals to you that he is your mother?

Sigui Carillat, famous professor of philosophy, invited his father to dinner to celebrate his birthday. On this occasion, he wants to introduce her to his new fiancée: Chimene;

An hour before the arrival of his guests, Georges, a huge truck driver, rings at his door, and after a few confused explanations, confesses to him that he is the reincarnation of his mother, Mathilde, an opera singer, who died shortly after her death. birth !

She haunts him, making his life a nightmare, and pushes him to find his son

Sigui, takes him for a madman and decides to play a prank on his father; he invites her to dinner. But without believing his story for a second;

The situation becomes more complicated when Mathilde takes power over Georges, then her father recognizes her and falls in love again, while Chimène tells him that she is pregnant, and takes the side of her “poor mother”…

Documentary films

THE 1500

Thousands of Alsatian and Mosellian Malgré-nous should have left the Gulags of the USSR in 1944. Only 1,500 left to join the Free French forces in Algiers. Why ?

A series of interviews with former conscripts and a disturbing investigation…


In 1965, Pierre Accoce, investigative journalist, great war reporter, historiographer, guided by some members of the French Intelligence Services and under their high protection, began an investigation in Switzerland in search of the most secret and efficient organization of WWII espionage and information: The Viking Network providing the Allies with full details of the German invasion plan as early as February 1940!


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