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I am Christian Greiner, novelist, screenwriter, playwright.
As far as I’m concerned, it all started in 2010, when I had just founded Un Bon Scénario in Paris, with a producer friend.

While we were getting ready to produce a few fiction films whose screenplays had already been rewarded by the Beaumarchais Foundation and at the Cannes festival in 2000, here I met – by the greatest of chance – historians who were going totally upset our plans.

Indeed, the announcement of this military betrayal had three almost immediate consequences:

1° I decided to devote myself only to the study of these new historical data, in order to verify for myself the way in which we could exploit the subject.

2° My co-producer friend, judging the project too risky, withdrew.

3° The writing and study phase having lasted more than ten years, all the initial projects had to be abandoned.

In summary, because it was impossible for a nascent production company to produce the two films planned for 2010 while launching a historic project of this magnitude, UBS Prod had to be put on hold for ten years.

It was only in 2021, once the work of the historians was completed and the first books devoted to military treason finished, that I was able to put it back into activity, with new partners and an expanded catalog of all historical films that we present today.


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