Choice of productions

The first principle that we defend is that of meaning

A truth for it to interest us must know no borders.
The action of a good screenplay must be able to take place in Lapland, Paris or Timbuktu.
If the story carries, it is universal.

This is why, quite naturally, we seek to set up international co-productions.

The second principle is aesthetic

There is a real concrete relationship between what we want to say and the way we say it.

Whether it is the choice of the location of a comma in a text or that of the depth of field of an image.
Whether you want to serve the expression of a face or the time to pause, it’s all about tone.

That’s why it’s good that the scriptwriter and the director choose each other.
This complicity in the service of the work has an attentive and devoted sponsor: the producer.

The third principle is financial

Give the author and director the means to bring a powerful work to life.

A varied catalog

Based on these principles, and our commitment to upholding historical truth, we ensure that historical films remain works of art.

In the same way, we favor fictions, comedies or thrillers, carrying meaning.


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