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Let’s say it right away: The revelation of a French military betrayal in May-June 1940, and especially that of the financial plot that accompanied it, will completely upset our understanding of the world, because a question arises:

Knowing that the State is supposed to serve the People, how and why did all the so-called “democratic” governments of the countries concerned choose to maintain silence on this subject for eighty years?

Indeed, we know today that Germany, the first beneficiary of this reversal of alliance, Great Britain, the first victim, but also all the other countries which suffered from it could in no way ignore this betrayal.

Having so many promising projects is the absolute dream of any producer.

The question of what interests were able to push these governments to hide the truth from their peoples is therefore fundamental and everyone will understand the infinite variety of scenarios that can be drawn from these new historical data.

Unfortunately, even if the horizon seems bright for us, the production of films remains above all a question of budget. So support from the various organizations in charge of promoting and financing French cinema.
And we suspect that with such a project, they will not be easy to convince.

This is why, when we were ready to launch the first film projects, we had to wait for the historians and publishers concerned to communicate widely on the subject.

You will be able to see the effectiveness of their approach by consulting their sites:

Another argument to convince these “major decision makers”: That you clearly show your desire to see our films on your screens.

Like historians and editors, we are keen to get your support because our work carried out without any support of any kind for ten years had only one driving force:

The republican concern to give back to the People their power of decision.

It is therefore fitting that you join us today, to let those who lead us know that the time for secrets is definitely over.

That lying is not serving and that in these uncertain times where the Peoples are looking in vain for a new way, their legitimacy has been called into question since the French military betrayal can no longer be denied.

This is why we suggest that you now defend our films by participating in their financing.

So whether you give a euro, ten, a hundred, or a thousand, it doesn’t matter, because the main thing is to show that you will be present at our side.

Indeed, only your massive support will give us the legitimacy to demand that the highest authorities support these projects.

Otherwise, we would be forced to turn to foreign producers and bankers who are already strongly interested in the exceptional financial prospects promised by the topics discussed.

Which on the part of France would be, in our opinion, a disgrace.


While waiting for your support, our catalog only contains film projects.
You will find them classified according to the progress of the projects.


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